I’ve received my voucher, where can I use it?

You can redeem your voucher on:

You can redeem your voucher from 8 November 2019, or within 90 days upon receiving your voucher code.

When can I start redeeming my voucher?

The travel site will be open for redemptions from 8 November 2019.

What travel services will I be able to book on the travel site?

You will be able to search for flights and hotels worldwide.

I’ve gone to the travel site, and I cannot search for any flights or hotels?

The travel site is currently not active and will go live from 8 November 2019. 

If you are experiencing difficulties on the travel booking website, please direct your concerns to:

Email address:

Consumer Affairs Helplines:

  • SA - +27 11 676 7767

  • SG - +65 3163 5406

  • TH - +66 20261657

  • MY –+60 392125508

When I searched for flight and hotel options, prices were higher than well-known travel sites (e.g. Expedia/Skyscanner).

All flight, hotel inventory and pricing on the TLC travel sites are pulled from the Travel Global Distribution System (GDS) that is used by all major travel agencies and sites. Each travel site can have their own direct deals with airlines and hotels therefore, the prices you may see on the TLC travel site may not have the same prices as other sites.

Flight and hotel inventory may also differ between travel sites due to exclusive contracts with certain airlines (e.g. Air Asia and Scoot) and hotel chains, which fall outside the scope of the GDS.

Depending on the time of your search and time/date selected before departure, these factors will all have an effect on what prices are available.

I tried to book a preferred resort on the travel site but was not able to find it.

All hotel inventory and pricing are pulled from the Global Distribution System (GDS) that is used by all major travel agencies and sites. Providing a detailed location point will help provide a wider choice in that area. For example, if you choose an island or large resort, try and input a more comprehensive search. i.e If you are searching for hotels in Bali, Indonesia, try and type in a town in Bali (e.g. Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud) to get a wider variety of hotels. 

Hotel inventory and prices may differ between travel sites due to exclusive contracts with resorts and hotel chains, which fall outside the scope of the Global Distribution System (GDS).  The travel site does, however, offer a variety of accommodation options for you to consider.

Why does the hotel information differ between the TLC and other known travel sites?

All hotel information is pulled from and is dependent on what the hotel chain has loaded on the Global Distribution System (GDS) system. However, rates will vary from site to site and dependent on date and time of entry and date of arrival at the destination.  There will be times when our site will find better rates and others where we will not. Various factors need to be taken into consideration when looking at pricing.

What do I need to know about my hotel accommodation booking?

Hotels have different check-in policies, documentation requirements, taxes and levies. These differ from resort to resort, and country to country. Please familiarise yourself with the taxes and documentation required prior to check-in. This remains the responsibility of the traveller and not the travel agency.

Why can I not find any Air Asia and Scoot flights?

Air Asia does not subscribe to the Global Distribution System (GDS) and thus Air Asia flight inventory is not currently available on the site. 

What is the booking class on flight search and do I have to choose this field?

The booking class is related to air fare rules on different airlines. This field is not a mandatory field for searching flight options.

Can I check flight and hotel options in multiple currencies?

Unfortunately, only your local currency is currently reflected on the travel redemption site.

How do I know if the site is secure for payment?  

TLC Travel sites are run by an experienced travel service provider who have the required IATA & ABTA licenses to provide travel services and consumers’ protection.  This is in line with all major on-line travel sites and agents. The TLC travel site payment system, like other payment systems, is controlled by the banking sector and will have the normal payment safeguards in place. Your data will not be shared or transferred to any 3rd party sites and used only for the purchase of your travel requirements. 

How do I know if my booking and payment has been successful?

Once you have made you booking and completed the payment process, you will receive you booking confirmation and invoice from TLC Travel, via the email address info@tlctravel.co.za

If you have received a payment and booking confirmation from another address, please contact the consumer affairs team immediately.

If you have not received a booking and payment confirmation within 24 hours, please contact TLC Travel on info@tlctravel.co.za  or call / whatsapp +27 64 754 9111.

Why is my voucher code not working?

Please make sure that you have not already redeemed this voucher. Alternatively, please direct this issue to our consumer affairs team so that they can provide you with a new working code:

Email address:

Consumer Affairs Helplines:

  • SA - +27 11 676 7767

  • SG - +65 3163 5406

  • TH - +66 20261657

  • MY - +60 392125508

If I cancel my travel booking, can I get my voucher value back?

All vouchers are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Where can I see my booking details?

Your booking and flight details are emailed to the email address provided in the reservation.

Where can I find the cancellation policy

Cancellation policy of all tickets and accommodation booked, is provided at time of reservation. All accommodation booked is non-refundable. Flight tickets are subject to the airlines cancellation penalties which is provided at time of flight selection.

If I cancel by booking can I get a refund?

Flight cancellations and refunds are indicated at the  time of reservation. Should you wish to cancel your booking, please contact TLC Travel on  info@tlctravel.co.za or if travel is within 24 hours please call or whatsapp them on 

+27 64 754 9111.

If I cannot travel, can we change the name on the booking? 

Name changes are not permitted with the airline tickets and flight bookings.  

Can I change my booking date and how?

For any changes to your bookings, please contact TLC Travel on info@tlctravel.co.za or WhatsApp +27 64 754 9111

Please note, fees and costs may apply.

Who can I contact if I have any queries on the travel sites:

Email address:

  • info@tlctravel.co.za

Consumer Affairs Helplines:

  • SA - +27 11 676 7767

  • SG - +65 3163 5406

  • TH - +66 20261657

  • MY –+60 392125508